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Our Butlers and Maids will provide the highest of customers service making you feel right at home. We do our best to keep you entertained and pleased with all of our services. With our professional yet friendly appearance, we strive to keep a personal authentic connection with all of our guest. Nowhere else can you experience such memories.
With our Cafe Experience, we provide the best authentic snacks and sweets suited for a Maid Cafe! We have both a home-made and a prepackage menu to give you all the options possible. Each event follows different policies  so the menu will vary by event. For more information on our menu please click here.
We provide many performances that will keep you entertained! With our dance team, we provide cute and fun dances.  Feel free to show us your moves at our dancing themed panels! We also perform skits and combat theater which we create our own stories or parodies which will make you feel the feels. Check out our performances on our YouTube channel.
We bring the most unique and fun games to our events. Whether it's playing an interactive game or a tabletop game, you won't be bored! We do our best to have exciting games you wish you had at home! We also host panels dedicated to teaching you how to play more complex and challenging games.
Hand-Maid Shop
When we aren't hosting events you can find us in the artist/vendor room selling our handmaid items! Support both the cafe with our merch and our members as they sell their own creations. Sometime you can even grab yourself a snack box so you can take a little bit of the cafe home. 
Cheki Station
Chekis, derived from the English "check it", are instax photos commonly decorated or drawn on. Make memories together with your favorite maid/butler and decorate with a wide array of stickers at our cheki station. Take a memento of the cafe home with you!

Welcome Honorable    Guest!

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